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Werkvinden Alphen is the platform for anyone looking for work. They don’t make any distinction between beneficiaries, assistants, entrepreneurs or so called ZZP-ers. Everyone has the knowledge, skills, qualities and talents that are worth working in the labor process. Job seekers are no longer alone because of this beautiful initiative.

Together we help each other!



The Foundation Alphense Kinderboerderijen aims to promote, in Alphen aan den Rijn and environment, respect, care and responsibility of everyone for (farm) animals, nature, environment and society.

This they do through the ins and outs of a farm and the nature around it to show in practice and to provide information about it. Volunteers, students and social reintegration projects to work on the farm and to actively involve Alphense society at all, the foundation wants to involve everyone so that learning and fun go hand in. All this in a socially responsible manner with a focus on sustainability and animal welfare. Fun for humans and animals!



RVs are the ideal vehicle for a whole range of road trips across the country or even the small portion of the country that you live in, as you then you get to be outdoors enjoying an overnight experience that is targeted, personalized and comfortable.

RVs are thoroughly portable and allow their users full access to those places that otherwise may be expensive for them or have other complications.